Buy and Sell Scrap Metal

What We Buy

Our Weyburn metal recycling facility sells quality steel and scrap metal products for a fair price, including both new and used items. Steel is sold from the scrap pile by the pound.
Mryglod Steel & Metals buys several specific metal products, including radiators, catalytic converters, starters and alternators, and transmissions from the automotive industry. We also purchase copper, lead, stainless steel, and aluminum from companies and individuals. Brass, bronze, lead-acid batteries, insulated wire, and electric motors are also among the metal items we purchase. From one piece to a large load of several items, we thoroughly go through the load you bring in and give you the highest current market price available.


Aluminum Road Signs

Aluminum Strandblock

Aluminum Wheels

Cast Aluminum

Insulated Aluminum

Aluminum Soffit & Fascia


Ad Brass


C Brass

Red Brass

Yellow Brass


BX Cable

Copper Radiators

Copper Tape

Insulated Copper Wire

Tech Cable

Tinned Copper


Appliances Shredder

Baling Tin

Cast Iron

Heavy Melt

Plate and Structural

Plate Skeletons



Lead Acid Batteries

Wheel Weights

Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel

High Temp Alloy

Mixed Stainless


Alternators & Starters

Electric Motors

Transformer Cores